Western Elite Proves the Power of Recycling and Education Through CCSD Green Ambassadors Program


Western Elite, a leading Southern Nevada-based recycling company, is striving to make sure local youth understand the importance of recycling. The company has been actively promoting education of the recycling industry through its involvement in the Green Ambassadors Program (GAP) and the Clark County School District.

Western Elite became involved in GAP three years ago to assist with the program that was established to increase recycling awareness among students in CCSD. Western Elite is one of four recycling companies in the community that meets every other month to discuss recycling opportunities within the schools.

Western Elite’s participation in the program involves a $2,000 donation that is matched by the other three partnering companies for a grand total of $8,000. A portion of this amount goes toward an annual scholarship program that awards eight graduating CCSD seniors $500 each. To be considered for the GAP scholarship, students must apply, and submit a letter of recommendation and an essay on how they have contributed to recycling efforts.

The other $4,000 is donated in the form of grants that CCSD teachers can apply for. The grants are distributed to teachers who wish to implement a green program in their schools. The GAP committee decides grant amounts for chosen applicants based on the school’s specific needs.

“This has been a well-received program, and it’s allowed us a great opportunity to educate our community’s youth on the importance of recycling as a life behavior,” said Western Elite Vice President Scott Seastrand.

About Western Elite
Western Elite is a leader in waste management and recycling.  As one of the most prominent recyclers in Nevada, 100 percent of all collected waste materials are processed for recycling materials before shipment to the landfill.

Western Elite’s state-of-the-art facility features the latest technology in engineering and operations, allowing for a complete solution for the collection, storage, removal, recycling and landfill disposal of waste. For more information, visit www.westernelite.com.