Locally owned and operated, Matt Smith Physical Therapy maintains 14 locations in the Las Vegas valley, making it the largest physical therapy company in Southern Nevada. The company’s vision is about “Changing Lives” – by helping their patients live pain-free and get back to comfortable living after surgical procedures or other injuries. To assist Matt Smith Physical Therapy in continuing this vision, The Ferraro Group developed a community outreach program.


The Ferraro Group devised the “Change Reaction” campaign, allowing elementary school students to “pay-it-forward” to other schools to teach kindness, selflessness and the importance of giving to others. It’s all about Changing Lives. Throughout the year, nine elementary schools are giving gifts to other school in a chain process, such as fruit and vegetable baskets, books, games, art projects, etc. The overall goal of the campaign is to promote Matt Smith Physical Therapy in a positive light, building credibility through community and charitable efforts, and maintaining consistent media and overall community exposure. The target audience for the launch included local public officials, media, area businesses, local elementary schools and the Clark County School District, and residents.

As a visual symbol of the campaign, The Ferraro Group created a large, mobile chalk/corkboard that students could write or pin kind/inspiring messages to the next school. In addition, a “Change Reaction” banner was created, to be signed by each school’s principal.

In order to reach parents of the students, brochure cards from Matt Smith Physical Therapy were created with rules for respect and decency to others as well as tips for staying active and healthy. The brochure cards were given to each school to be distributed to all the students.

To tie the effort to a timely event, the launch of the campaign was held during the State’s “Week of Respect,” which promotes anti-bullying efforts in schools.


The launch of the Matt Smith Physical Therapy “Change Reaction” program was a success and met with much enthusiasm from participating schools, the Clark County School District, dignitaries and the Matt Smith Physical Therapy team.

Dignitaries and participants in attendance included Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman, CCSD Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky, Matt Smith of Matt Smith Physical Therapy, political representatives from Senator Harry Reid and Senator Dean Heller’s office, school officials from the starting school – JT McWilliams Elementary School – and other local schools, School Board of Trustee Patrice Tew, and the school’s 5th grade students. Multiple media outlets, print, broadcast and online, included coverage of the kick-off and one-on-one interviews with Matt Smith and participating dignitaries. In addition, the campaign garnered numerous impressions through social media.