In 2014, Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix changed ownership and was looking to increase Season Pass sales and media interest from previous seasons as well as address online reputation concerns. Although the largest waterpark in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, Wet ‘n ‘Wild Phoenix faces competition from several other waterparks that are closer proximity to major TV and media centers. Additionally reviews had not been handled strategically and its online reputation had suffered. The Ferraro Group Phoenix was hired to renew media interest, increase social media engagement and reach potential target audiences that would purchase season passes. Additionally, an online “review” strategy was needed to correct/repair its damaged online reputation.


The Ferraro Group Phoenix partnered with the Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix Operational team in March 2014 to:
1. Increase awareness of the water park among West Valley families and potential season pass holders through PR outreach to:
a. Local mommy bloggers
b. North Valley, Scottsdale and West Valley community publications
2. Improve Awareness of park’s amenities to the general Phoenix market through
a. Phoenix TV coverage
b. Travel writers and bloggers
c. Phoenix social media influencers
3. Improve the online reputation and reestablish credibility while dispelling rumors through strategic messaging and timely review responses on Trip Advisor and Yelp
4. Increase social media engagement of a large, but diluted fan base (many non-relevant “likes” from Australia)
5. Alleviate potential Crisis Media/Social Media situations by providing immediate support for customer relations issues through social media and PR


Public Relations and Social Media goals were met with more than $200,000 in free ad value generated, 14,000 new Facebook fans and 12x the social media engagement. Expectations for coverage from Phoenix TV and Mommy Bloggers were surpassed and reputation management expectations fulfilled through review responses. The highly successful June Mommy Blogger event yielded more than $10,000 in free editorial and social media coverage for the 2014 season.

Additionally, The Ferraro Group Phoenix garnered 11 onsite TV segments, which was more than double of previous years and served as its media spokesperson for the majority of the news coverage.