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Client Spotlight: Dunkin’ pivots during 2020

By February 1, 2021June 16th, 2022No Comments

While 2020 brought its challenges, partnering with Dunkin’ in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada provided opportunities to pivot with the client and create safe and memorable PR and social media interactions to lift spirits, support franchisees, ensure local team members remained employed, and remind the community Dunkin’ is here for you. During 2020, Dunkin’ provided more than $50,000 in generous donations to local food banks, boys and girls clubs, and hospitals in Albuquerque, Tucson, and Phoenix, including numerous coffee drops for 1,000s of healthcare workers, gift cards for nurse’s stockings, and even a Dunkin’ coffee truck set up outside University of New Mexico Hospital.

Additionally, Dunkin’ created memorable and safe celebrations for teachers, graduates, veterans, and first responders, as well as Drive-Thru Pajama Parties and a Teacher Appreciation School Bus making drop-offs to local teachers this fall. Dunkin’ worked to meet individuals right where they were, tailoring outreach and goodwill to a specific state, community, and organization’s COVID protocols. Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada certainly run on Dunkin’.