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Q&A with Peter Guzman

By February 26, 2024No Comments

Peter Guzman is the president of the Latin Chamber of Commerce, the most powerful Hispanic chamber in Nevada with over 45 years of community work and business representation. In addition to his position with the LCC, Peter is an accomplished realtor, small business owner and real estate investor. 

Peter, you’re one of the most well-known business leaders in the state. Tell us something about yourself that isn’t widely known.

  • While I am somewhat of an open book, many still don’t know that I have over $750 million in Real Estate sales. This has been over a long period of time and a very rewarding journey.

What do you want the community to know about the Latin Chamber of Commerce? What are you most proud of?

  • What I want the community to know about the LCC is that we ask people who walk into our lobby one question: “How can we help you?” This is so important because we do not care where you are from, we simply want to make an impact in all our communities. What I am most proud of is our explosive growth over the last six years. Even through tragedy, closures and more, we delivered to our members and community and the community has joined us in record numbers!

What advice would you give to a business looking to work with or cater to the Hispanic community in southern Nevada?

  • What I would say is always be “present and intentional!”

We’re coming off the first Super Bowl in Las Vegas, what experts are dubbing as the “Coronation of Las Vegas.” What are your thoughts on the future of Las Vegas as the “Sports Capital of the World” and its impact on the business and economy.

  • Nobody does big events better than Las Vegas. We prove this over and over again. I see this area of business growing even bigger and our small business community will continue to benefit.

What is in store for the Latin Chamber of Commerce in 2024, what can member businesses and potential new members expect?

  • 2024 will be all about doing what we have been doing so well, but doing it bigger, better, and smarter!

What advice would younger Peter give Peter today?

  • My advice would be to hug more, kiss more, and give more!