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What To Wear For TV/Social Media Interviews

By October 21, 2022November 1st, 2022No Comments


By Jay Crandall, Emmy-Award winning journalist and TFG Phoenix team member

TV media coverage and social media videos are effective tactics to deliver key messages to target audiences but sometimes being filmed can create anxiety for clients. Many ask, “What should I wear? What should I avoid wearing to make sure I look and feel my best?”

Here are a few tips TFG shares with clients to ensure the communication they convey is as powerful visually as what they share verbally.

Select the right spokesperson: Review the target TV or social media audience that will be watching your interview as well as the target audience you are trying to appeal to. Then select a representative who will visually resonate and connect, not intimidate that audience.

Dress in jewel tones: Blue, purple, turquoise, wine-colored, etc. shirts typically look great on all skin tones. This works for men and women and pairs well with navy or black solid suits/pants/skirts. With a more casual audience, dress it down with jeans and a solid top, but stick to the rich hues. Businesspeople and politicians always look more approachable if you ditch the jacket and tie and roll-up the dress sleeves.

  1. Avoid stripes, designs and busy patterns on tops or ties: They can distract, look dated or even appear to “dance” on screens.
  2. Go easy on hair and makeup: TV and social media video clarity means you don’t have to apply “stage” makeup or create “bigger” hair for interviews.
  3. Avoid wearing heavy, jangling or flashy jewelry: A statement necklace can work well, but bracelets, watches or earrings that jangle and flash when you talk or move while being interviewed are extremely distracting to viewers.
  4. Sit-up/Stand Tall: Some estimate the camera adds 10 pounds. Regardless, sitting tall on the edge of your chair rather than sinking into the back of it, as well as keeping your head held high rather than slouching, ensures you look confident and engaged during the interview.
  5. Choose comfortable clothes/shoes: If clothing or shoes are too tight, it can come across in tone and facial expressions. The more comfortable you are with wardrobe, the more you can focus on what you want to say.
  6. Smile: This is always your best interview accessory and will instantly make you more appealing to your viewing audience!

Partner with a PR Professional to strategize the best way to communicate your key messages visually though the strategic use of logos, location, spokesperson, backup visuals and more. Television and social media videos are some of the most effective ways to quickly communicate key messages to a wide audience. The Ferraro Group is ready to help you leverage these communication channels.