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Home Assist Health Caregivers Recognized as Top in Nation

By November 6, 2023November 16th, 2023No Comments
By Heather Austin, Principal


Home Assist Health, a nonprofit organization based in Phoenix offering personalized home- and community-based services to seniors and individuals with disabilities, is honoring its 400+ caregivers as well as two top team members during National Caregivers Month in November.

Francisca Alanis and Enelida Borja have been named two of the best caregivers in the country by the Home Care Association of America. Francisca has been a caregiver for more than 20 years, and since January 2022, served more than 20 clients for 3,000 hours through Home Assist Health. Additionally, Enelida Borja has provided more than 10,140 hours of homecare service.

“We’re so proud of Francisca, Enelida and each of our Home Assist Health caregivers who provide exceptional, compassionate care to our clients. We are excited to celebrate these nominations while encouraging members of the community to celebrate the caregivers in their neighborhoods, churches, workplaces and families – everywhere they see people serving in this capacity,” said Home Assist CEO Sara Wilson.

As America’s population continues to age, the need for qualified and compassionate caregivers skyrockets. By 2030, it’s estimated 24 million people will require long-term care, which is double the current demand. This creates the need for 190,000 new caregivers in less than 10 years and will significantly impact our national economy and the quality of life for individual families. Statistically, 61% of caregivers are women and 16% of caregivers quit their jobs to provide care for a loved one.

What is the solution to this growing caregiver crisis? While a complex issue with no easy fix, three immediate steps can significantly help:

  1. Attract, train and hire compassionate caregivers through organizations like Home Assist Health. Individuals can receive the training and certifications needed to start their careers as health professionals with the heart to serve.
  2. Advocate through local and national legislators for appropriate compensation for professional caregivers, the option to age in place, and solutions for the homecare industry.
  3. Support and sustain caregivers through respite care, shared resources and communication opportunities.

As the United States prepares for a future where nearly 81 million people will be 65 years and older by 2040, caregivers like Francisca and Enelida play an indispensable role in alleviating the strain on the healthcare system. For those looking to measure job satisfaction and the difference you can make in someone’s life, visit Home Assist Health

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